High Tech solutions under the Northern Lights

Mikronix is a private Finnish high-tech company established in 2016. We are based in technology city of Oulu having facilities in Linnanmaa university campus. Our mission is to develop and manufacture cost-effective and qualified solutions behind our customers brands. We have a long experience in healthtech industry and contract-based design and manufacturing businesses. In addition, we have a wide range of professionals in our network.

The Team

Mikronix has nowadays 10 hi skilled persons who are working in design and manufacturing operations. The team has long term experience in medical electronics design and manufacturing.

Software design is based on Java and C++ tools. Embedded electronics we realize in various controller environments, like Microchip PIC. Hardware design includes both schematic diagram and layout design. Mechanics designer has two 3-D prototyping in use that makes concept design flexible and fast. Our expertise in health technology, regulatory requirements and standards gives a special advantages in validation and approval testing for the solutions. EMC tests we source from our network. Design output is documented in our IMS system. Production tester design is done using Labview software. Electronics and PCB’s are tested in National Instruments environment. Final assembly is done in our manufacturing process. Tested and quality assured modules and products are delivered to our customers.

From an idea to innovation

Our services include an agile concept design, product development, manufacturing and lifecycle management.

Design process includes product specification description according to customers needs. Concept design phase proof in practice that an idea can be realized. Product development creates all the needed documentation for manufacturing and maintenance. Final product is tested and validated before it will be transferred in to the production.

Final assembly is done according to documentation get from design process. Components and materials are purchased from the wide network of suppliers. Production documentation are filed for maintenance and traceability.

Life cycle management includes design file maintenance according to changes during the products history. Service and spare part support can be also provided.  

Technology platform

If possible the design can rely on our own propriety optical sensor and tablet computer based UI/control system technologies. If technology platform can be used, it speeds up design process and reduce production costs. For further information please look at references.



UC-1 Universal control system

UC-1 universal control system is a flexible and cost-efficient solution for small scale distiributed devices.


OS-1 Optical position sensor

OS-1 is a high-performance optical position sensor counting position by tracking of x-y dimensional movement.


Great summer greetings from midnight summer Finland

The company’s success is based on a few value factors, such as how you deal with the customer, how you take care of your employees and high quality in operations. Mikronix company has uncompromisingly adhered to these values since the company was founded in 2016. Tablet computer based CPU/UI technology platform developed by Mikronix has been implemented in thousands of systems being in use in different locations worldwide. Good success can be seen in this year’s first half results, the turnover has increased 50 % compared to the previous year and growth has been profitable in spite of heavy depreciations of R&D investments.

It’s time to thank the enthusiast team for the great work and the customers and partners for the good cooperation.

Sunny ice cream summer!

Jouni Ihme
CEO, founder

Mikronix Oy

Tel +358 400 689824
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