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Mikronix is a hi-tech company based in the technology city of Oulu. We provide industrial and health-care applications, including product design, manufacturing and life cycle management. We work in close collaboration with our customers in an agile and flexible way. Our core competence is to create cost-effective control systems with innovative sensor and user interface solutions. In addition to our excellent team, we use a wide network of professionals.

Mikronix - UC-1

UC-1 Universal control system

UC-1 universal control system is a flexible and cost-efficient solution for small scale distributed devices.

Mikronix - OS-1

OS-1 Optical position sensor

OS-1 is a high-performance optical position sensor counting position by tracking of x-y dimensional movement.

Mikronix - OS-2

OS-2 Optical position sensor

OS-2 is a next-generation position sensor in a compact package.

Funded by:

European Union - European regional Development Fund
Leverage from the EU 2014 - 2020

Mikronix Oy

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Aapistie 1, 3rd floor